The 500 Constitution

We the fans of sports, politics, video games, movies, high-calorie food stuffs, and everything that entails growing up in the United States during the late 90’s/early 2000’s hereby declare this small corner of the Internet to be a free forum for all that we consume and un-consume.  No, this isn’t some other self-aggrandizing, sports blog site where we try to appear smarter than the other 9,325,089 writers on the internet who think this electronic portal is a legitimizing agent to their worthless thoughts.   We seek no profit, fame, or company of the opposite (2012 PC edit: or same) sex from the formation of the site.

Instead it is to serve as an archive, a receptacle for all those thoughts that cross our minds day in and day out but we never remember to pass along to our commonly suffering through the 9-5 guy friends.  Sports debates, political opinions, tiny life tidbits (like what bar sucks worse than the Green Turtle in Arlington, VA), movie yea or nays, some random photo found in the annals of Google, and of course riffing.  There’s nothing that matters more to our guy-hood than tearing each other apart from personal opinions to personal tragedies.

And because this is to be a wild-west-esque free for all forum to preserve rather than to perform, anyone is open to posting anything to their hearts content.  And yes, we even password protect if need be.

The only expectation I have for this digital wastebasket is that one day we can look back and reminisce on how naive, stupid, opinionated, bored, lazy, politically incorrect, and wrong we were in our golden years.  If anything, we should get a good laugh out of it all, and really that’s what matters most for a group of guys no matter how gray and heavyset Miklos Bodnar we get over the years.  And so gentlemen, I present to you, the 500 Section…


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