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2016 Miss 500 Round 1 Roundup – Trump’d


Usually we reserve this sacred space to discuss a different angle about the pop culture zeitgeist that our many contestants fill.  But in light of this week’s news, we (as with every other media source on the planet) had to take a pause and (dis?) honor The Don.  As we know, The Don is best known for creating a brand of “winning”, which is something you all should heed this Tournament Season.  Just be grateful that The Don wasn’t a contender this year or you would all have fantastic knicknames like “Tiny Tony” or “Meltdown Matty G” or “Grumpy Greg”.   Not only is The Don a winner in business, but what better place to prove he’s a winner by taking a look at The Don’s history with women.  And what better place to start than where the heart is: family.  Which family?  Well The Don is all about choice (whether its Planned Parenthood-esque choice, we have no idea), so he’s given himself some options over the years!

Ivanna Trump

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Presidential Baseball Quiz

LBJ Baseball

An incredible election year is upon us, but in the midst of walls, momentum, Drumpfs, and hand size (and sometimes policy proposals), it’s always good to remember the fun part about being President before the country comes to a close in 2017 after Don gets into the White House.

Courtesy of the Old Time Fan, a good old Presidential flavored baseball quiz!

Beginning in 1910, President Taft set a precedent (well almost one) of the President throwing out the first pitch on opening day (though not the first game of the year). Until 1973, it was always in whatever stadium the Washington played its home games. Except for the World War II years, it was held continuously until 1957 (Eisenhower). Since then it has become sporadic, but has been done more often than not, the current occupant excepted. President Obama has appeared just once (2011) in seven years. While Taft began this tradition, he is not part of the quiz that follows; you’ll see why.

What we have is a matching quiz of Presidents and baseball players’ names (see why no Taft—there has never been a MLB player with that name, either first or last).
Each question will first note a Presidents name and then clues to match an MLB player. The order of Presidents is random. There are no “doubles”-only one Adams, Harrison and Johnson and each President is used just once. There are 30 in all; Taft wasn’t the only name that never made it to “The Show.”
So, name the President and the first and last name of the player. Not all are active.

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Half-Asian Guy’s Super Bowl XLVIII Bet Slip

Russell Wilson

A word to the wise (and while we’re at it, the un-wise), please feel free to take every single opposite bet here and actually make money.  Remember, back in August I was happily sitting on an Atlanta Falcons SB victory prediction.  Oh how the fallen have fallen…

Legally Mandated Warning Statement: The 500 Section does not condone the illicit abuse of gambling privileges that Americans may or may not actually have.  Please Bet Responsibly.

(NOTE: All picks were made with 5 units of a currency to be determined)


Seattle Seahawks to win – Moneyline +110

  • I would like to take this moment to congratulate the Denver Broncos on their Super Bowl victory and to Peyton Manning for his double dirty bird gesture at the trophy podium.


Marshawn Lynch (SEA) OVER 90.5 Rushing Yards (-135)

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Asian Sports Guy’s 2012 NFL Predictions

This fall, America will watch a battle of epic proportions.  Sides will be/have been chosen, debates will ensue, talking heads will talk, and the future course of our country will be determined.  It is every American’s patriotic duty to submit themselves fully to choosing their side and expressing their god-given, Western democratic right and make their selections.  Oh, and there’s an election for President too.  But that’s kinda boring since the right has gone crazier than that dude from The Dark Night and everyone on the left, well they’re just annoying losers.  So back to that patriotic duty.  That’s right, The National Football League!  Until we form the Trans-Atlantic Union with our (rich) friends across the pond and embrace a bi-continental soccer (futbol) league, we’re stuck with the superior product of American football.  Now, on to my exercising my most American of American rights, NFL Predictions!

NFL Regular Season Standings

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Game of Allies

The crossover between politics and sports is really not as far fetched as it might seem.  Yes, asking Wayne Rooney to explain public policy solutions to the mortgage crisis while expecting Eric Cantor to single off a curveball (what a loser) are arguments to counter.  But while the end results (one using numbers to objectively assess athletic ability, the other using numbers to run a society — no big difference!), the means, measures, and tactics involved with being a member of the viewing public following either endeavor are really a similar feat.  I mean, just look at the production aspects of any political debate table on CNN, FoxNews, etc. and then flip to the Stephen A Smith/Skip Bayless  for further evidence.  If you want, put aside the content of what their saying and witness the veracity in the back and forth.

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