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Your Semi-Ignorant Guide to College Football: Week 4 (Grantland)

From our good friends (although they don’t know it yet) over at Grantland!

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College Football Week in Review: Week 3

My picks: I went 1-3 in my inaugural weekly pick segment- I’m hoping for a better showing this weekend. I was correct in predicting #18 Florida #23 Tennessee, but lost the other three (Stanford, Notre Dame, and Mizzouri all won). In what turned out to be the greatest upsets of the weekend, #21 Stanford knocked off #2 USC at home. Despite the departure of Quarterback Andrew Luck to the NFL it looks like Stanford is still one of the Pac-12’s elite teams. A dominating performance by the Stanford offensive and defensive lines combined with an injury to USC (and former Penn State) running back Silas Redd, and an overall offensive breakdown by USC will most likely shatter USC’s national title hopes. I came very close with my upset special, but Arizona State was unable to convert for a TD on a late red-zone opportunity and ended up losing to Misssouri by 4 points.

Notre Dame joins the ACC…kinda: Notre Dame announced on Saturday that it will be joining the ACC in every sport, except football, and will play 5 ACC games per season while retaining their football independence. With scheduling 5 ACC games a year, the Irish are set to play every ACC school on a three year cycle. I view this as Notre Dame having their cake and eating it too. Hey Golden Domers, just join a freaking conference, already!

Week 4: AP Top 25 (Updated Monday 9/17):

AP Top 25




1 Alabama (58)



2 LSU (2)



3 Oregon



4 Florida State



5 Georgia



6 Oklahoma



7 South Carolina



8 West Virginia



9 Stanford



10 Clemson



11 Notre Dame



12 Texas



13 USC



14 Florida



15 Kansas State



16 Ohio State



17 TCU



18 Michigan






20 Louisville



21 Michigan State



22 Arizona



23 Mississippi State



24 Boise State



25 Nebraska



Notre Dame pretty much changed places with Michigan State, and deservedly so, but I still think #11 in the country is high for a team that barely beat Purdue in week 2. With Stanford’s marquee upset win over USC they jump up from #21 to #9, and USC falls from #2 to #13. By default, #3 Oregon is now the lone potential Pac-12 national title contender, and will certainly have the chance to earn it coming up with conference play beginning (and a weak non-conference schedule ending). #5 Georgia, #9 Stanford, #14 Florida, #19 UCLA and #22 Arizona are all trending up. Virginia Teach, Tennessee and BYU were all dropped from this week’s AP top 25 ranking.

My Conference Power Rankings:

1.        SEC (6 teams in top-25)

2.       Big 12 (5 teams in top-25)

3.       Pac-12 (5 teams in top-25)

4.       Big 10 (4 teams in top 25)

5.       ACC (2 teams in the top 25)

6.       Big East (1 team in the top 25)

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2012 NFL Week 2 – Prop Bets

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Although our good friend Cousin Sal, aka “The Cousin”, of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Grantland, and BS Report fame, throws up his own prop bet column, knowing the gambling history between him and Mr. Simmons, it would be wiser to place our gambling advice in the hands of a 14th century Catholic nun.  For those of you that don’t know, prop bets are gambling opportunities you can place on specific player, event, and statistical occurrences that happen within a particular game or across games.  While the overall team picking bets are obviously the most popular form of redistributing wealth to bookies this side of the soccer world, prop bets take an especially acute ability to the best and the worst of each players ability to compete at the game of football.  Prob bets are courtesy of our usual offshore betting friend, Bovada, while the fake ones are courtesy of the 500 Section Gambling Committee.  Without further Freddy Adu…

Who will be benched first (non-injury related)?

Ryan Tannehill (MIA) QB   +500

Brandon Weeden (CLE) QB   +125

Russel Wilson (SEA) QB   -125

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Week 3 College Football Picks

As we’ve seen by now, the Asian Sports guy has the NFL weekly previews on lock, providing you plenty of great insight and predictions for the pro game, so I’ll be riding shotty this season (as I have been known to do) and providing my thoughts on the college football scene across the nation. It’s Week 3 of the college football season and it’s time to start a weekly preview and picks piece. I’ll try to pick games from a variety of BCS conferences, with some mid-major and FCS games sprinkled in there, as well. For this first week, I’ll pick these games “straight up” and not involve the spread.

Week 3 Picks

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Buffalo Bills Xmas Shopping List

During Week 1 of the 2012 NFL Season, Mr. Ryan Fitzpatrick, formerly of the Buffalo Bills (what’s that?  he’s still on the team?  keep refreshing the depth chart, I’m sure the intern just hasn’t updated it yet), graciously gave his endorsement for Matt Barkley of the USC Trojans to be Buffalo’s 2013 starting QB.  And unlike the political endorsements that revolve around some pre-packaged press release or a boring speech to thousands of unintelligent supporters, Mr. Fitzpatrick promptly made his announcement by ceremoniously bestowing 3 souvenir footballs to members of the New York Jets team as an honor of their shared representation of the people of New York.

And a small note of recommendation from The 500 Section to Mr. Barkley,

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The 500 Section – 2012 Candy Champion

Ladies and Gentlemen, after debates, campaign ads, last second heaves, a murder or two, and multiple attempts to stuff the ballot box, the 500 Section Confectionery Committee is proud to present to you, by a blow out victory of 11-2, your 2012 Candy Champion…


(Pan to 500 Section Confectionery Committee Char Mik Bodnar slowly walking away shaking his head)

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2012 NCAA Football Rule Changes

With the 2012 College Football Season officially less than one week away (oh hell yes!), I thought it a perfect time to review the minor changes to two specific areas of the NCAA football rulebook over this off-season. Nothing earth shattering—but minor changes were made to the rules governing kick-off procedure, as well as players taking their helmets off while on the field of play. With respect to kickoffs, the ball will be place at the kicking team’s 35-yard line, five yards forward compared to the previous rule. The motivation behind to increase the likelihood of touchbacks and to put kick returners in fewer opportunities to suffer hard hits on kickoffs. In addition, following a touchback, the ball will now be advanced five more yards to the receiving teams 25-yard line. As a result of these changes, you may see more kickers simply go for the touchback (which in theory will be easier while kicking from further up) or “squib” or “pooch” the ball in an attempt to pin a team back inside the 25-yard line. Also, to curb the practice of defensive players gaining a running-start advantage on kickoffs, 10 players of the kicking team must be touching the 30-yard line when the ball is kicked.

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