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OldTimeFan: ­Speed (non­ingested)

Secretariat Belmont

Glad to have all you “young­uns”  (under 50) give me a peek. I’ll try to make this worth your while with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Yesterday, the Preakness was run at Pimlico in the City of Baltimore. This run for the “Black Eyed Susans” (those are flowers, not a group of dark haired 20 somethings) was won by a horse (it’s a horse race) named California Chrome (which has nothing to do with Platinum LA). Since “CC” also won the Kentucky Derby, murmurs are beginning ranking CC with the greatest race horses of all time. California Chrome has a long way to go.

In 2005 as returning home from Virginia on a cross­country motorhome trip, we (I & and somewhat older companion) stopped at the “Kentucky Horse Park’ outside Lexington, KY. It was like a retirement home for race horses of some acclaim. First  was Cigar who once won 16 races in a row including all 10 in 1995. Better though was John Henry. He raced until he was ten ( a real gray beard for racing). Won horse of the year twice, the second time at age 9. He won 30 Stakes races­­all in all quite an accomplishment. If you want  follow in his hoof steps and run fast, while you can with a little snip­­he was a gelding. But they were not the best. That honor belongs to Secretariat.

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