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500 Winners and Losers from 2017 Golden Globes

Ok, maybe not FIVE HUNDRED, but we’ve got at least a dozen.


Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

These two are peachy.  Not Atlanta Peachy, sadly, but adorable nonetheless.  Emma Stone has come along way since having to plow through a hymen joke scene with Jonah Keri 10 years ago (!!!!!) in Superbad.  But Emma’s rise has been slow and steady, steadily navigating teen comedies, then tentpole Marvel flicks, fringe Rom-Coms, and finally dabbling in the dramatic endeavors such as The Help, Birdman, and La La Land that led to her coronation last night.  Emma Stone is a gem and will now be fighting in the very, very cluttered field of Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams, and Bryce Dallas Howard for America’s Redhead Sweetheart.

Regarding Gosling, the man is more likable than oxygen and a beach week in Australia.  If he and Chris Pratt had a baby, we’d have the Disney World of offspring.  As always, Gosling always wins.

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