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Presidential Baseball Quiz

LBJ Baseball

An incredible election year is upon us, but in the midst of walls, momentum, Drumpfs, and hand size (and sometimes policy proposals), it’s always good to remember the fun part about being President before the country comes to a close in 2017 after Don gets into the White House.

Courtesy of the Old Time Fan, a good old Presidential flavored baseball quiz!

Beginning in 1910, President Taft set a precedent (well almost one) of the President throwing out the first pitch on opening day (though not the first game of the year). Until 1973, it was always in whatever stadium the Washington played its home games. Except for the World War II years, it was held continuously until 1957 (Eisenhower). Since then it has become sporadic, but has been done more often than not, the current occupant excepted. President Obama has appeared just once (2011) in seven years. While Taft began this tradition, he is not part of the quiz that follows; you’ll see why.

What we have is a matching quiz of Presidents and baseball players’ names (see why no Taft—there has never been a MLB player with that name, either first or last).
Each question will first note a Presidents name and then clues to match an MLB player. The order of Presidents is random. There are no “doubles”-only one Adams, Harrison and Johnson and each President is used just once. There are 30 in all; Taft wasn’t the only name that never made it to “The Show.”
So, name the President and the first and last name of the player. Not all are active.

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