2015 Miss 500 – The Erotic Eight

Kendrick Pun Dog

*EDITORS NOTE: If you want to see the Sultry 16 Results, scroll down half way.  If you want to just VOTE, scroll down to the near the bottom.  If you want adult entertainment…call Austin*

When I’m gone, when I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me by my hair
You’re gonna miss me everywhere, oh
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

– Anna Kendrick Lamar

Anna Kendrick has fallen!  Much like how the PATRIOT Act and Jack Bauer work, we’ll never know how close we all came to ACTUAL disaster.  Nothing but love to Miss Pitch Perfect and we’re really gonna miss you when you’re gone, but you had to be gone first.  And Katrina Bowden made sure of that with a late 2nd half surge.  Thanks for coming Anna.

BUT we wouldn’t send off quite possibly our funniest contestant without a dip into her fantastic Twitter feed that has produced these gems:

Kendrick Tweet 1





Kendrick Tweet 2

Kendrick Tweet 3



Kendrick Tweet 4

Kendrick Tweet 5



Kendrick Tweet 6

Kendrick Tweet 7

And if those weren’t enough, check out some more punny here.

So goes the Anna Kendrick/Emma Watson contingent.  Sorry guys (AND HART), you’re just gonna be stuck voting for super models and Katrina Bowden.  Life sucks, right?

ESPNews Style Sultry 16 Round-Up

Here is your updated bracket

2015 Miss 500 – Sultry 16 Results

 Upsets, Tip Ins, and Blow(out) Jobs

* Two #1 seeds fell, with another one going to OT to save her life

* Two overtime games.  This time Katniss gets District 12’d.

* The (3) Margot Robbie juggernaut continues, this time taking down Retroactive 2009 Miss 500, (2) Brooklyn Decker 16-6

Chick Fil A Challenge (Sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign)

These drafters all still have one horse each in the race:

Team DE, Ryan, Val, George, Hart, Señor, Charles, and Tony

SABR Metrics

* We’re down to one brunette against six blondes.  Somewhere, a Steve is giddy

* A group of four female Americans, a South African, a Columbian, and an Australian walk into a UMW dorm room….

* 3 Models…2 Actresses…1 Athlete…Not Enough Cups

The Erotic Eight Polls

The Page 3 Regional Finals

The Maxim Regional Finals

The Vivid Regional Finals

The Hooters Regional Finals

Polls Close TOMORROW Wednesday 13 May at NOON Eastern


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