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Chewie, We’re Home: Our 10 Favorite Screenshots of the 2nd Star Wars Teaser

Star Wars 7

Back in January 2013, the nerd-world shifted in their seats a bit when it was confirmed that JJ Abrams was handed the keys to the Star Wars Corvette.  That shifting was a mixture of excitement over some fresh blood injected into a franchise that lost its way not so long long ago and not so far far away.  Then again, feelings are still mixed on the direction Abrams took the new Star Trek films.  Purists were a bit upset at the explosiveness and degree of the special effects that might have taken away the old school ‘fun’ of the sci fi favorite.  Casual moviegoers were just excited they could actually go to a Star Trek film and be able to tell their friends about it.

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An Ode to Adam Jones: The Coolest Ballplayer Alive

BS sp-p-twins-orioles-sweeney

Since becoming a full time starter in the Baltimore Orioles outfield in 2008, Adam Jones has done nothing but get better.  His on the field merit is as solid as any player in the majors not named Mike Trout:

– 4 time All Star

– 4 time Gold Glove winner

– 2013 Silver Slugger

– Since 2011, averaged 30HRs per season with a .283/.321/.484 slashline and a 118 OPS+ to sport (in an AL East division that has featured pitching from Jon Lester, David Price, that random RA Dickey season, and the pitcher formerly known as CC Sabathia)

In fact, just let this video tell you all you need to know why Seattle Mariners fans will forever curse the name Erik Bedard:

And he isn’t even 30 yet.

But we’re not here to argue balls and strikes.  The statheads over at ESPN and 538 can do that for us.  If you’re a 13 year old boy and you want to choose your favorite athletes, it usually goes beyond their more recent OPS.  And with no disrespect to Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, Andrew McCutchen, and Bryce Harper (ok, complete disrespect intended for that last one), but here is why Adam LaMarque Jones is THE coolest ballplayer today.

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Fashion Friday: March Men-ness Edition

Less words, more style.


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