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The 500’s MLB 2015 Predictions (aka “The Bet Against These” Preview)

MLB 2015

If at first you don’t succeed…you spend 2 hours at work a year later hastily coming back to the same conclusion.

In the 2014 Preview, I tried to pull of a reverse jinx straight from the darkest part of my soul by declaring the Washington Nationals the eventual 2014 World Series Champions.  God chuckled and dialed up the third Giants title in 5 years while Clayton Kershaw (aka the MJ of pitching) melted down twice against the St. Louis Cardinals and their Fox News Fanbase.  Oops.  As always, never mess with the Sports Gods.  But does that mean I learned my lesson?  No! Of course not!

As of 13 March, the Buffalo Bills are coming off their first winning season in over a decade and traded for (on paper) one of football’s top 3 running backs, the Memphis Grizzlies are second in the otherworldly NBA Western Conference and have a title caliber nucleus, and the Buffalo Sabres have Mona Lisa’d the art of tanking and will likely have a shot at a once in a generation player in Connor MacDavid or Jake Eichel.  Oh, and the Dodgers are coming back with a quarter billion dollar roster, stole the best young GM away from Tampa and are on many a WS Winner prediction column, thanks to the aforementioned Pitching Zeus and a lineup that features a mix of solid hitting and defense throughout.  Needless to say, this sports fan is riding high.  Unless you mention the words “Syracuse basketball”, “VfB Stuttgart” or “Ted Cruz 2016”.  Then take cover.

So I’ve decided this crest of sports euphoria needs a dash of cooling off and where best to do that in a read by nobody, meaningless baseball prediction post!  So without further adieu, I present to you my thoughts on the upcoming 2015 MLB Season.  Do I tempt fate with the Sports Gods a second time and reverse jinx my way to a World Series parade in Chavez Ravine/sending anonymous bitter letters to Cardinals fans?  You’ll just have to scroll and see…

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