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Fashion Friday: Febtastic 2015

Less words, more style.


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Red Card Rising

Putin World Cup

December 2010 seems like an eternity ago.  Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker of the House, Ke$ha had the number one song in the country and still hadn’t taken up lodging in rehab, and Brett Favre’s record for consecutive NFL starts ended.

And Vladimir Putin was officially not the Head of Government in the Russian Federation.  While those other three have yet to make any sort of comeback (although, who ever knows with Brett), Vlad has taken vengeance to a whole new level, even for Russia.  The conflict in Ukraine is reaching its 1 year anniversary and no end seems to be in sight.  With politicians arguing whether more guns would be more gas on the fire and negotiations falling apart faster than the Seattle Seahawks offensive playcalling, solutions are needed as the death tolls and damage continue to rise.

But The 500 isn’t here to delve too much into the politics of the ordeal.  Instead, we offer another solution, one with precedent and potential effectiveness: A Boycott of the 2018 World Cup.

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