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The Top 10 Snapbacks: 90s Edition


We all remember the 90s.  It was a time for firsts.  First Days of school.  First Kisses.  First roller coaster rides.  And in the bigger world, the first mega-super duper sports star (MJ), the first time soccer in America mattered (USA World Cup and the 99 USA Women’s National team), and of course the first time many of us had to understand what a BJ was besides the guy on the Orioles (Thanks Bill!).

Of course, for many of us, it was also the first time we realized we could wear ridiculous neon hues of color .  For some reason, it became acceptable to declare war on the primary color wheel as if Milosevic were behind dark, simple patterns.  The 1990s were a humanitarian disaster of fashion to a degree not seen before or since.  It was practically the anti-Instagram era.  Take a look…

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Super Bowl XLIX: Prop Bets!

Brady Wilson

Well the regular season and playoffs are over, but your gambling addiction marches on!

With a 7-9 finish in Week 16, there was a much earned bye week to avoid more money hemorrhaging.  Still, a career best 90-94-5 record over the course of the season is something to boast!  If I’m boasting to a coin that’s primary occupation is being flipped.  As if that wasn’t enough, losing three straight Playoff Weekend parlays and Seattle doing its best effort to completely handover my heard spent Bovada account means only one thing: let it ride!

Without further ado, your Super Bowl XLIX prop bets, sponsored by XLAX: XLAX, whenever you want to completely unload your money on stupid gambling.  XLAX.

Will Idina Menzel forget or omit at least 1 word of the official US National Anthem?

YES +500

Let’s face it, she’s a stage singer, and probably the best one in the country right now.  Her vocals and presence are going to be on the top of her mind, not diction.  While we’re here…

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