I Believe in Schadenfreude!

USA Portugal

For the past two weeks, a contingent from The 500 has been hopping around Brazil to partake in the greatest of sporting events: The World Cup. While American tradition says to always strive and believe in the best of things, most Americans are rooting for Team USA. After excising the Team USA demons that were Team Ghana, American fervor was at an all time high. Coupled with a German draw with said Ghanaians, the path was clear for the Americans to actually WIN the so called Group of Death.  The only thing standing in their way was team hair gel aka Portugal.

Fast forward to (5 minutes of!!!) stoppage time and American football was about to take it’s greatest leap forward.

Enter Michael Bradley.

We all know the result, but as I was surrounded by mainly Brazilians at a Fifa Fan Fest on a beach in Fortaleza, the visceral reaction of that moment (despite a good contingent of Americans in the crowd) could not have approached what was seen and heard in bars across the U S of A.


As a self described fan of Team Deutschland (remember, always believe in the best!), I have to admit in the moment it was very funny to witness. There hasn’t been a national mood nosedive since election night 2004. Personally, I blame the god awful (this can’t be reiterated) “I Believe!” chant that sounds like some a$&hole at Coke, Nike, ESPN, etc came up with after a $389m marketing campaign. Then again, the only other chant consists of only three letters.

Anyhoo, to get a feel for how America lived through and suffered the worst stomach punch draw in US history, we turn to the internets. Only in America were thousands of cameras rolling to (prematurely) celebrate a victory over Portugal. Remember, the Sports Gods are always watching…

USA Fans

But the best two…

As always, go Germany.

 Editor’s Note: This post was originally drafted on 23 June but due to technical difficulties attributed to being in Brazil, the writer could not apply the proper multimedia accompaniments until now.  He also might have forgotten it in the draft box.









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