Anna Kraft: The German Erin Andrews

Anna Kraft Sky1

Not only does World Cup season open American eyes to the world’s greatest athletes that would otherwise be relegated to 22 seconds of air time on the back end of SportsCenter, but all the lovely musings that come along with knowing about 94% of the world isn’t the United States.  In light of Germany’s great victory to become the true Weltmeister we must go beyond honor the names of heroes like Mario, Tomas, Philipp, and Manuel.  Not only can Germany produce better football, beer, cars and socio-economic systems than the United States, but apparently the pressbox isn’t immune to their superiority.  Enter: Anna Kraft.

This lovely former athlete turned sports journalist is from Leverkusen in Germany’s even lovelier Rhineland.  After studying in Köln and getting her press career started with Eintracht Frankfurt, she has made her way to being a steady presence on Sky Germany.  Who knows, a Miss 500 European Title belt might be in the near future?  So, a little ode to Germany’s best soccer talent, on the field and in the press box.

Anna Kraft: Telegenic (obviously)

Anna Kraft: Fashionable Athlete

Anna Kraft Kicking

Anna Kraft: Source of Awesome Collages

Anna Kraft Montage

Anna Kraft: Über German (Middle/Mitte)

Anna Kraft Dirndl

Anna Kraft: Ugly Pretty

Anna Kraft Goof

Anna Kraft: Talking Head

Anna Kraft Talking Head

Anna Kraft: World Cup Victory Instagramer

Anna Kraft WC Win

Anna Kraft: Red Carpet Goof

Anna Kraft Runway

Then again….

Anna Kraft: Dating THAT GUY?!?!?

Anna Kraft BF

Even when you’re the best football (and country) in the world, there will always be “That Guys”


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