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OldTimeFan: The Mendoza Line

Every now and then, our OldTimeFan will bestow some wise insight into the sports world that us young guns might not usually be on top of…
Baseball fame can be garnered in many ways–Pitch 7 no  hitters (Nolan Ryan), hit 762 home runs (Bonds), 130 stolen bases (Ricky Henderson)…and Minnie Mendoza.
Minnie is the source of the infamous “Mendoza Line”, but he did little (figuratively) to earn it. Up for a cup of coffee in 1970, he hit .188 in his only 16 MLB at bats. While no one can pinpoint why he became to source it is very much with us.
As of today, 9 April 2014, several well known Major Leaguers can call Mendoza home:

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