The Millennial Movie Challenge: The Champion

saving private ryan poster

Final Millennial Movie Challenge Bracket

Firstly, we here at The 500 Section: Committee for Pop Culture – Subcommittee for Nostalgia, Movies, and Bracketology would like to thank everyone for participating.  We realize that by the 28672th message, you wanted to file a class action suit against this worthless blog, even with the expectation of no monetary gain.  It is the principle of privacy at state.  We get it.  But thank you again for putting up with us!

With that said, Congratulations to Saving Private Ryan for being the best movie of our childhood years.  I’m not sure if it was the fine acting of Tom Hanks and Matt Damon, pinnacle of powers directing by Steven Spielberg, the nostalgia for a by-gone era of The Greatest Generation, or the fact that the voting pool has played a collective  26,011,873 hours of Medal of Honor and Call of Duty.

Either way, I’m not sure how a psychologist would analyze our choice of the most war of war movies as one that defined our formative years.  Then again, this was a last hurrah for the duality of American culture that praises both superiority and self-sacrifice.  While the movie is a masterpiece not only of the war experience, the themes of fraternity, family, and the moral morass that all people find themselves at one point or another wadding into like their own Omaha Beaches.  The choices we make for the few or the many both weigh equally heavy.  If anything, this movie experience was summed up by the first  scene alone.  The collective feeling when rising to exit the theater was one of shared silence.  The emotional reaction so visceral.  And yet, it still somehow lost to Shakespeare in Love.  Editors Note: If you actually think SIL is a better movie, the terrorists win.

A shout out to our runner up 10 Things I Hate About You.  Obviously not as crafted and appreciated a movie as SPR, but nonetheless a solid teen rom-com with great acting and the perfect dash of silly and sweetness.  Let’s just hope that this movie had more of an impact on our emotional well being than Saving Private Ryan.

Thank you all again! And remember: There’s No Place Like the 90s, There’s No Place Like the 90s…

PS: Please email your address to so that we may egg your house.  “We don’t make threats, just promises” ~500 Bible Book of Jim Kelly 4:35


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