Without the utmost respect for Coach Peter Clay Carroll

Pete Carroll

Pop Quiz: What’s going on in this photo?

A) A scene from Breaking Bad where a disgruntled USC fan has decided to go all Walter White on former coach Pete Carroll as revenge for Carroll’s awful handling of the USC-Reggie Bush scandal and his immediate departure as the law closed in, end of Butch and Sundance style

B) The collective piss cups samples by the 2013-2014 Seattle Seahawks rosters that tested positive

C) Peyton Manning’s tears mixed with the piles of orange Denver Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII title shirts accidentally still sitting on the locker room tables that he used as Kleenex and later wrung out by Richard Sherman

D) Orange Gatorade

I should note that The 500 Section officially endorsed, bet on, and rooted for the Seattle Seahawks.  Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin, and Max Unger are fine, honorable players and the class of the league.  Cam Chancellor and Cliff Avril are among the best at their positions.  And Richard Sherman went to Stanford.

That being said, between the awful New England Patriots years and worse, the deplorable and impossible to stomach USC years (that featured Pro-Bowl players the likes of…Matt Leinart! …Mark Sanchez! …Steve Smith! … and Rey Maualuga!), this one football fan cannot take this man seriously.  He has a ring on his finger that says Super Bowl champion and he’s done a masterful job to earn that.  But it doesn’t outweigh the fact that he still hasn’t washed the blood off his hands for his “get out of Dodge” USC departure and that his rah-rah attitude is just annoying (from a human perspective, not football).

Also, in 2018 he’ll be the first coach to have both a BCS national title (player benefits violations) AND a Super Bowl title (PED violations) taken away from his teams.  Here’s to you Coach Fredo!


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