The Millennial Movie Challenge: Sweet 16 Roundup

Old School movie image Vince Vaughn

Sweet 16 Results

(NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, voting for the Elite 8 will be postponed until tomorrow)

Seriously?  First Denzel and now Will Ferrell?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!??!?!

Three #1s went down yesterday.  We’re calling it the 13th Warrior Massacre.  (In case you didn’t know/remember, The 13th Warrior was an Antonio Banderas movie in 1999 that is regarded as a top 5 box office bomb, losing over $100m.  Then again, we’re not surprised you never heard of this movie, hence bomb).

And it didn’t come without some last minute pain either.  It took us an overtime round of voting for the final 10-9 Knocked Up victory over Old School.  Game.  Set.  and Earmuffs.  The only silver lining: this might invariably settle the Judd Apatow vs. Todd Phillips debate…unless we get the Hangover into the ring to tag team WWE style and snatch away the belt!

So I won’t even waste my time with 800 words on the beauty of the Frank the Tank opus.  The movie bookended the decade by being Old School’s Teddy Roosevelt to The Hangover’s FDR.  We’ve got Will Farrell becoming post-SNL Will Farrell.  Vince Vaughn becoming post-Swingers Vince Vaughn.  Elisha Cuthbert at the height of her oh so great Canadian powers.  And Luke Wilson.

So yes, I’m not qualified to write this eulogy.  I’ll let Will and company bring us down memory lane to these great moments…

  • Like the time stuttering “I don’t know if we’ll have enough time” was actually an amazing punch line…

  • Or “Snoop-a-Loop”…

  • Or “Earmuffs”

  • Or Seann William Scott’s appearance

  • Or the future Mrs. Ari Gold (with the real Ari Gold as a fellow cast member to boot!)

  • Or quite possibly the greatest moment ever involving James Carville and Will Ferrell

As you can tell,  I could have just posted the whole movie since there are far too many worthy scenes.  I thought the end of the Notebook would be the standard bearer for Class A tearjerkers, but little did I know that it would be the end of our dear friend Blue that would do us in.  (Pours out a beer bong…)

Your Powerhouse Flicks (Sponsored by AOL)

(2) Independence Day – 12 vs. (3) The Mummy – 4

12 year old Mik cries himself to sleep

(1) Saving Private Ryan – 13 vs. (5) The Gladiator – 5

There’s still some sense in the world.

Your Upset Specials (Sponsored by Pepto Bismol)

(5) The Matrix – 11 vs. (1) The Bourne Identity

Ok, we’re back to no sense in the world.  In the worlds of Speaker Boehner, “Are you kidding me?!?!?”  This movie made me fall in love with Europe which, if you know ANYTHING about me, you know about my self proclaimed title as Europhile in Chief.  Which always sounds dirty.  And yet, I embrace.

Based on the 1960 novel of the same name by Robert Ludlum, Doug Liman (of Swingers lore) directed the most balanced cinematic feature of action and drama since Saving Private Ryan.  Matt Damon’s massive career and $1.2 BILLION dollars later, the franchise is still chugging along, even post Damon.

Did we mention it also produced this really awesome car chase scene?

(6) Good Will Hunting – 10 vs. (2) Ocean’s 11 – 7

Well, Damon’s still in it.  Although we’re a little surprised that Ocean’s 11 was the one to fall to the wayside.  If you haven’t been to Vegas, Ocean’s 11 will make you want to go.  If you’ve been there before, it makes you want to go back.  Probably the coolest movie in the bracket, the All Star ensemble took the torch from Swingers as the quintessential Vegas movie until The Hangover.  Julia Roberts and Andy Garcia are deployed perfectly and, I mean, when you have Don Cheadle and Casey Affleck as the Under Under Cards, you know you’re playing with house money.

While we’re speaking of Vegas, have you checked out our Super Bowl prop bets picks?  Here, check it out!

Gives us a chance to look at how our MMC odds are doing:

Oceans 11    3/2
Old School    2/1
Saving Private Ryan    4/1
American Pie    5/1
Titanic    6/1
Independence Day    9/1
Fight Club    25/1
Lord of the Rings    30/1
Bourne Identity    40/1
Meet the Parents    75/1
Training Day    125/1
Gladiator    150/1
The Field    200/1

(3) 10 Things I Hate About You – 9 vs. (2) Cruel Intentions – 7

You know the 3,000 word 10 Things is already in pre-production.  Let’s ride this thing out!

In the mean time, our nod to Mik’s Personal Pick for the “Grew Up A Little That Day” Award:

Also, the undisputed winner for Best Ending Scene + Soundtrack Overlay

(5) Super Bad – 10 vs. (1) American Pie – 6

Wow.  Didn’t see this one coming.  I mean, this technically shouldn’t even be happening since Super Bad kinda fall outside our tournament’s parameters.  Like adding the Golden State Warriors to March Madness.  American Pie is THE teen movie of our generation.  There’s no denying it.  Sorry.  We might be tempted to overturn this one, but we’re not ready to go George W. Bush in Florida on everyone yet.

If we were putting odds at the movie’s debut for “Which Actor/Actress’s is going to go on and have the best career?” then, Shannon Elizabeth, Jason Biggs, Chris Klein and Tara Reid were heavy favorites.  Who actually came out on top?  Well Jason Biggs couldn’t get passed The Pie, Tara Reid fell off a cliff, Chris Klein did too, and I’m not sure we’ll ever see the dude who was in Rookie of the Year ever again.  And Seann William Scott is doing fine (as noted in our Round 1 Roundup).

But our big big winner was underdog Band Camp girl aka Alyson Hannigan.  Thanks to and extended run on Buffy and an even more extended run on  How I Met Your Mother (and yes, I’m coming around to its humor), it almost seems unfair to drag Hannigan back into the American Pie franchise for the remakes.  So congrats Alyson!  There was once this time, at Band Camp, where you totally won the American Pie acting trophy.  Now just explain to me why Ted is such an awful character.

We’ll end this egregiously long post with the American Pie MVP: Mr. Jim’s Dad…

(Sorry, I couldn’t get THE Shannon Elizabeth scene in here.  We’re a PG-13 site my friends!)


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