Top 8 Mascot Gifs

The 500 Section Sub-Committee on Mascots and In-Game Entertainment is still in preliminary debates on the upcoming Mascot Super Bracket.  In the meantime, may we present to you our top 8 best mascot moments, presented in lovely GIF format:

8. The 12th Mascot
Just remember, mascots are just as committed to their team as fans are.  If not more…

Even if it means committing mascot-on-mascot crimes (which The 500 Section does not condone)

7. Houston, We Have a Mascot

Now mascots are supposed to be fun loving, cuddly looking, smiles on kids inducing creatures of happiness.  But sometimes they can be complete a&*holes.  May I present to you, the teddy bear looking “Clutch” of the Houston Rockets

6. Field of Mascots

Sometimes, even the mascots play better than the Jacksonville Jaguars

T-4. Mascots Eating Cheerleaders/Dancers

The sisters to the mascots brotherly love is of course the cheerleader/dance squad contingents.  Sports being a male oriented fanbase (something that desperately should change!), of course the addition of scantily clad women was bound to happen.  At least at the pro-level you don’t have the Brent Musburgers of the world ogling 19 year olds…let’s just move on to the GIFs…

Toronto Raptor Attack!

Tennessee Titans (Whatever this mascot is) Attack!

3. The Toronto Raptor – Jurassic Park Down

The Toronto Raptor might be the hardest working mascot in all of sports.  So hard, he will be out the 2013-14 NBA season with a torn ACL.  See this write up from Grantland for more details:

2. Sheffield Wednesday Owls

The SWFC Owls currently hold the European Mascot Title Belt until the VfB Alligator or Chelsea’s Mr. Toffee challenge them.

For the full visual with added music, please feel free to visit:

1. The Phillie (Philandering) Phanatic

Everyone’s favorite green monster south of Boston is probably a heavy favorite for a #1 seed in the Mascot bracket.



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