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The Most Epic Faces from the Mumford “Hopeless Wanderer” Video

It is official:  the boys from Mumford & Sons have release what is quite possibly the greatest music video ever to have graced the land/internet.  And it only took not having the Mumford & Sons guys in it!  If you have been at work actually working, then you might have missed a strong contender for the “Contemporary Comedic Mount Rushmore” title with Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Will Forte, and Ed Helms coming together to make this audio-visual masterpiece.  With these four comedic titans on hand, comedy undoubtedly ensues.  Our best guess is that 89-95% of this video was ad-libbed/improvised.  Whether Mumford & Sons were actually involved with this self parody has yet to be determined.  Either way, despite where you stand on their (extremely underwhelming) musical abilities, we have been graced with a piece of music video gold.

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