Half-Asian Sports Guy’s 2012 NFL Week 2 Picks

[Photo Courtesy of BucPower.com]


GREEN BAY (-4.5) over Chicago

Sunday – Early Afternoon

Tampa Bay (+7) over NEW YORK (N)

NEW ENGLAND (-13.5) over Arizona

INDIANAPOLIS (+1.5) over Minnesota

Carolina (+2.5) over NEW ORLEANS

BUFFALO (-3) over Kansas City

Baltimore (+2.5) over PHILADELPHIA

Oakland (+2.5) over MIAMI

CINCINNATI (-7) over Cleveland

Houston (-7) over JACKSONVILLE

Sunday – Late Afternoon

SEATTLE (+3) over Dallas

Washington (-3.5) over ST. LOUIS

PITTSBURGH (-5.5) over New York (A)

SAN DIEGO (-6) over Tennessee

Sunday – Night

SAN FRANCISCO (-6.5) over Detroit

Monday – Night

ATLANTA (-3) over Denver

Three Team Teaser


Upset Special

Tampa Bay (+7) over NEW YORK (N)

Over/Under Guarantee

Kansas City vs. BUFFALO (44.5) UNDER


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