The 500 Section – Candy Championship


Apparently voters save the best for last.  After 8 overtime periods, the (2) Starburst vs. (1) Snickers battle was over.  After expunging tonnes of peanuts, gallons of caramel and kilos of sugar, Snickers inched past Starburst as a last second heave by Starburst PF Lamar Odom fell well short of the basket.  Final Score: 7-6.  Snickers fans everywhere began cutting down the nets.  Earlier in the day, fellow #1 seed Reese’s Cups blew out the opposition Nestle Crunch bar by a score of 12-1.  As could have been expected, these two titans of the sweet tooth might be worn out from battling the likes of Twix, Krackel and PayDay, but with victory within reach, who will be the 2012 Candy Champion????


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