The 500 Section – Confectionery 4

We have a Final Four.  And not too many surprises with a #1, #1, #2, #4 mix-up.  Our only upset came at the hands of #4 Nestle Crunch bar with a decisive 14-6 victory over #3 Skittles.  Meanwhile, #1 Reese’s Cups escaped #3 KitKat’s 4th quarter run with clutch free throws and ball control.  Not too many stats today since the 500 Section Confectionery Committee is making a weekend business trip to Canada (aka America’s Candyland), but just let it be known that the Mars company has their two heavy weights, #1 Snickers and #2 Starburst, going up against each other a la Duke vs. UNC.  To the voting!



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  1. Bail to the E

    The Crunch Bar had a cake walk draw

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