The Hunger Games – 500 Section Style

Your favorite dumping ground for useless information, The 500 Section, has taken it upon itself to answer the debate that has been raging ever since each of us strutted around the 4th grade like we owned the joint.  The question:  Which candy is the best? (!)  In light of the successful **password protected** tournament, we’ve brought back the bracket format to help determine our sweet tooth champion.  This time, instead of tedious email trains, we’ve decided to Asian it up and integrate technology; the polls below are available for everyone to select their candy bars/treats at will.  I have no idea if there are limits, so go ahead and do your Democratic Party duty to vote early and often.  Above you can see the Candy Bracket in its entirety.  The seeding has been completed by the official 500 Section Confectionery Committee.  All logos and pictures are copywritten and the 500 section in no way pretends to have any legal grounds to use this propriety, Google-found imaging.

May the  Candy Games Commence!

Hershey Region

Nestle Region

Cadbury Region

Mars Region


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