Childhood Revisited: What’s Your 90s Kids Sports Movies Power Rankings?

Following a article comparing the 2012 Olympic Dream Team to the crew from D2: The Mighty Ducks, it got a bit dusty for those of us that look back fondly to our childhood and how much it was shaped by that movie.  After rigorous debate over GChat during regular working hours, The 500 Section Film and Media Ad-Hoc Committee proudly determined these movies best represented the splurge of sports movies that Hollywood/mainly Disney churned out during the 1990s.

Let the nostalgia take hold and feel free to throw up your personal rankings of 90s kids sports movies based on these or any other movies we may have left off.



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2 responses to “Childhood Revisited: What’s Your 90s Kids Sports Movies Power Rankings?

  1. Mik

    My personal top 10 (using a complex formula based on most re-watchable, most enjoyable to watch, and most childhood memories triggered):

    1) D2: The Mighty Ducks
    2) Cool Runnings
    3) Little Giants
    4) Sandlot
    5) Angels in the Outfield
    6) Space jam
    7) The Mighty Ducks
    8) Rookie of the Year
    9) Little Big League
    10) Rudy

    I’m about 93% sure that D2 started my fascination with international politics as well as my nationalistic, jingoist streak for America counteract Icelandic expansionary policy at any cost. Realistically though, my favorite characters from the trilogy are all over this film. Nick’s Kenan as Russ “The Jesus Shuttlesworth of Hockey” Tyler and his classic knucklepuck, the Asian hockey player, and of course Adam Banks (who finally was received by his teammates and seen as one of the gang) doing the whole “I can play coach” wrist-bend-with-stick scene. Instant Junior Goodwill Oscar performance.

    But most importantly, the Rodeo drive scene and Julie Gaffney (the female goalie from Maine) were primary drivers that propelled 1994 me into adolescence. Here’s to you, Colombe Jacobsen!

  2. Conor

    Top 10 90’s Sports Movies:
    1.) D2: The Mighty Ducks
    2.) The Sandlot
    3.) Rookie of the Year
    4.) Angels in the Outfield
    5.) Little Big League
    6.) Cool Runnings
    7.) The Big Green
    8.) Happy Gilmore
    9.) Little Giants
    10.) Rudy

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