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2013 CFB Recruiting Spotlight: Quarterbacks

While we’re in the calm before the proverbial college football storm, so to speak, I thought it would be a good time to spotlight some of the c/o 2013’s top quarterback prospects. Many of the nation’s top quarterback prospects were in Southern California to compete in the final round of the final round of the Elite 11 camp this weekend.  After several regional competitions, 24 rising senior qb’s were picked to compete in the 5-day final round. Former Super Bowl champion signal caller, Trent Dilfer headed up the coaching staff that put the participants through a gauntlet of drills, tests, evaluations and competitions. Though it is still somewhat early in the 2013 recruiting process, much of the participants have already verbally committed to a school (though, they cannot sign until the first week of February, 2013).

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Game-day Recipe: Alamo Bowl Nachos

Game-day Recipe: Alamo Bowl Nachos:

While day dreaming about the impending college football Season, my mind began to wander past the thoughts on how my beloved Univ. of Washington (U-Dub) huskies will fare in their gauntlet of a schedule this year (facing the likes National Powerhouses: LSU, USC, Oregon and Stanford), to what tantalizing game-day snacks I would create and indulge in, while watching the games. One recipe that I intend to recreate this fall is my “Alamo Bowl Nachos”.  This recipe was born out of my love for Mexican food and the momentous occasion that was the UW Huskies vs. Baylor Bears 2012 Alamo Bowl matchup showcasing Heisman winner Robert Griffin III (RGIII) vs. upcoming and coming standout signal caller, Keith Price. While the game was an old-fashioned wild, wild west shootout which ended in Baylor and RGIII’s favor, the comfort of our tasty homemade snack prompted my friend to say….”at least we got Nachos!”

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Childhood Revisited: What’s Your 90s Kids Sports Movies Power Rankings?

Following a article comparing the 2012 Olympic Dream Team to the crew from D2: The Mighty Ducks, it got a bit dusty for those of us that look back fondly to our childhood and how much it was shaped by that movie.  After rigorous debate over GChat during regular working hours, The 500 Section Film and Media Ad-Hoc Committee proudly determined these movies best represented the splurge of sports movies that Hollywood/mainly Disney churned out during the 1990s.

Let the nostalgia take hold and feel free to throw up your personal rankings of 90s kids sports movies based on these or any other movies we may have left off.


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In Remembrance – Big Country

Bryant “Big Country” Reeves was the first of many massively failed projects (e.g. Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Steve Francis, Mike Bibby, and Jason Williams to name a few) that the Grizzlies franchise attempted during brief stint in the Pacific Northwest.  Nonetheless, I have anecdotal evidence from friends of the Vancouver area that still remember Big Country fondly for his Chris Mullen hair cut, lumbering ability to under-perform in the paint, and of course being a white dude on an NBA team, always a good/necessary aspect when trying to sell a basketball team to a predominantly Caucasian region.  Anyways, this autographed, game worn jersey of Big Country’s was on sale/auction on eBay for $435.  I gave a good 3-7 minutes of consideration to make a bid, even going so far as to concede cutting down on next week’s grocery funds to do so.  Needless to say, I had to let it go…

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Dodger Dog Heaven

Words cannot describe…

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