A Letter to Kevin Durrant

Dear Mr. Durrant,
I write to you today, first and foremost, as a sports fan and secondly, as Seattle Supersonics fan and a fan of basketball in the city of Seattle. I enjoyed getting to see you play firsthand as Seattle Supersonic, and knew then that your rare combination of elite skill and humility would carry you’re a long way during your NBA career. I have declared time after time that I could not root for the Oklahoma City Thunder because it was too painful to see a great, young team-my great young team, succeed after the key pieces were built in Seattle and taken away in such ugly fashion. While my bitter disposition toward Clay Bennett and the OKC Thunder franchise remains, I have reached a turning point in my professional basketball fandom where I can whole-heartedly root for you to win a NBA championship. In this day and age of NBA pre-madonnas and endless antics, you are truly a class act and deserve my support, as do the rest of your teammates. When you bring a trophy back to OKC, a part of me will feel that it belongs in Seattle, but nonetheless, I will be happy for you as a player and a person. I wish that continue on your current path and have a great illustrious career. Upon a Supersonics return to Seattle, in the hopefully not-too-distant future, I look forward to seeing a Sonics vs. Thunder matchup in the Western Conference finals for many years to come. Go Zombie Sonics!
Yours truly,
A Seattle basketball fan


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One response to “A Letter to Kevin Durrant

  1. Hail to the Sonics! Well put words from a man grieving harder and longer than Rosie Larsen’s parents. Although ironic since he’s the man that KILLED ROSIE LARSEN!


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